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Cross-browser, cross-device JavaScript framework for building interactive web apps using JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 techniques
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26 September 2014

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This is a framework that helps build web applications.

Webix is a JavaScript framework for building interactive web applications. You can use JavaScript, CSS, HTML 5 techniques and is cross-browser, cross-device compatible. The library more than 40 customizable components, lets you do jQuery integration. The applications will be able to work with all the major server side technologies like PHP, .NET, Java, etc. The applications developed can work across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. You will be able to adopt flexible layouts, controllable look and feel. The tool offers an intuitive API to make development easy. The framework offers richly featured components that use simple and lightweight code. Detailed guides are available that provide guidance on how to use database access, events handling, styling, etc. to develop powerful web apps. Sample code is supplied that tell you how exactly to use these components. Detailed API reference is available to help with finding appropriate properties, methods, events of a component. This tool offers a range of widgets that help implement UI of your application quite easily. Most functionality that you may need in enterprise apps are available.

Extensions to those widgets are also available that allow you to embed additional functionality. Webix is an easy to learn library. These widgets are concise. It is integrated with MVC frameworks like the Backbone.js and AngularJS. Any changes performed on models are displayed on the Views. This process also avoids spaghetti code largely. Building HTML 5 compatible mobile apps should be really simple. jQuery integration makes it even simpler to add widgets to the apps to be developed. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

Publisher's description

Webix is an extremely small (about 100 kb of compressed code) and ultra fast JavaScript library for building desktop and mobile web apps based on the latest web standards (HTML5, CSS3).
The library provides a rich set of cross-browser JavaScript UI widgets ranging from simple widgets, like a menu or combobox, to highly interactive charts and powerful data tables.
Web apps developed with this library run correctly on multiple platforms.
The server can be organized in several ways. Webix widgets are compatible with MVC frameworks (MVC.Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Yii).It's also possible to use Server Side Connectors (for PHP, Java, ASP.NET).In addition, developers are capable of using any server-side technology at backend, which can expose RESTfull api for data loading and data saving.
Webix provides integration with popular frameworks and libraries, including jQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS, online editors and geographical maps.
Other Webix features are dynamic data loading, easy styling with CSS, offline support, DND operations, using WebSocket and IndexedDB for data loading and saving.
Webix 1.6 web apps look and perform great on iOS,Android and Win8 touch and mobiledevices.
Webix 1.7 includes a new appealing default skin, support for multiselect on touch devices.
Webix 1.8 provides you with techniques to build responsive web apps.
Webix 1.9 adds hotkeys for controls, extended menu functionality, dayTemplate property in Calendar.
Webix 2.0 adds new feature to DataTable, Form widgets, extends localization and improves library performance.
Starting with version 1.10 Webix is IE12 ready.
Webix is dual licensed under open-source GNU GPL v3 and Webix developer licenses. The commercial licensing system is very flexible with prices starting at $170 per developer. Developers can acquire licenses and support plans separately. When buying > 5 licenses the discount is 15%, when > 10 licenses the discount is 30%.
Version 2.0
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